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On Boat People and Burqas for people who think we should ban them both [Aug. 11th, 2010|11:29 pm]
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There's a link above with a cartoon and then a list of 25 myths and facts about asylum seeks and boat people in reference to Australia underneath. I hope you will read them all, because I think they're informative. In particular I've copied points #24 and #25 below for you to have a look at, as I think they might be most relevant. I still think the other points are important too so I'd urge you to have a look at them as well.

MYTH 24: Asylum Seekers who come by boat from Indonesia just don't want to wait their turn in the queue
FACT 24:• The Australian Government refuses to accept any asylum seekers assessed as refugees by the UNHCR who have arrived after 2007 in Indonesia.• In the last 3 years the Australian Government has settled each year an average of just 52 refugees from Indonesia in Australia.• The waiting period in the 'queue' for a refugee in Indonesia (who is not a signatory to the Refugee Convention) seeking settlement in Australia is on average 37 years.

MYTH 25: People seek asylum in Australia to get access to government support and live the good life here. Asylum seekers who can afford to come by boat are economic migrants.
FACT 25:• Asylum Seekers do not leave their country due to choice. People seek asylum because they fear for their safety and life in their home country. They leave by whatever means they can.• No asylum seekers have access to: Centrelink, a Health Care Card, Public Housing, Settlement Services, English Programs, Job Services Australia, Traineeships or Tertiary Education. Many also have no right to even work or a Medicare Card.


Above is a link to a video presenting views for and against banning the burqa. I hope you'll have a look at that. I think a couple of points that are relevant are that we are not empowering women if we take away their right to choose what they do or do not wear, and that we should respect other people's right to freedom of belief and freedom to express their belief providing it does no harm. Forcing people to wear or not wear something are equally as bad. Many jewish people wear hats and caps, some buddhists wear robes, some nuns wear habits. They probably would not take kindly to being told they were not allowed to. (Also burqas are something particular and don't relate to all the forms of head-dress you may be thinking of (mainly the niqab) but I will use the term burqa for the moment just for simplicity as it's the main term used when people are talking about banning the head-dress. The video explains the different types of head-dress for clarification.)


Above is another link that is more in depth, it may be a bit of heavy going but the important thing it does is address the 5 main arguments against the burqa. They are:

1. Security - Provisions for photographic ID can be made and other identification such as fingerprint and eye-scan are also available. Burqas are no more voluminous and body covering than other clothing that people could wear and hide things under like kaftans, mumus, ballgowns or even just cold weather clothing (inclusing masks, beanies and helmets).

People need to see other people's faces to trust them and relate to them as part of society - There are many other cases where you can't see people's faces, from costumes and face paint to surgical masks, sports masks, hairstyles, motor cycle helmets and even just cold weather clothing, ski gear and sun glasses.

Burqas are symbols of the objectification of women - If the burqa is objectification, (which isn't necessarily the case) will we also ban all other symbols of objectification, like nude magazines, plastic surgery, ads that use sexy women to sell products and the wearing of tiny bathing suits?

Women are forced to wear the burqa against their will - Many women who wear the burqa say it is not so, some even choose to wear the burqa when their husbands and fathers would rather they didn't. If a woman was forced to wear the burqa then that would be illegal and she would be protected by Australian law covering her freedom to choose not to wear the burqa and also against any domestic violence or coercion the same as any other woman would in being forced to do something she didn't want to do. We don't presume that other women are being forced to wear skimpy clothing and make them cover up, taking away their choice.

Wearing the burqa is unhealthy as it is hot and poorly ventilated - This is not more so than other sorts of clothing people may choose to wear like vinyl, high heels, or clown suits and we don't ban these or any other forms of hot or uncomfortable clothing.

Basically for all of the 5 points it comes down to the fact that if we don't have consistency in what we legislate to make people do, it's discrimination.

Anyway, if I haven't been very clear with the 5 points, you might want to click on the link above and check out the article for yourself, as I've put it in my own words which probably aren't as coherent as the original.

With thanks to greenglowgrrl for original sources.
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LJ Security Risk [Apr. 22nd, 2010|12:43 pm]
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via stimpson

LJ is running a script that will allow it to use their own affiliate links where they can. It won't break your links like last time but it can cause some security issues for locked posts. Explanation and a way to opt-out here.
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It's Dancing Kitty Time! [Mar. 23rd, 2010|03:11 pm]
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*Warning: Not greenglowgrrl friendly*

It's Dancing Kitty Time!

That is all.
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Vitamin D [Aug. 23rd, 2009|03:14 pm]
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I've decided to not be so lazy and make the effort to research the Vitamin D.

So there's lots of info and speculation under hereCollapse )

I took Ccino out for a walk in the sunlight earlier but it was rather cold and windy and a bit cloudy on and off, so I'm not sure how much time or exposed skin I was really needing there.

My Nuttelex non-dairy margarine apparently already has Vitamin D2 in it, and I eat rather a lot of that, as well as a bit of various soy products that may or may not be fortified with Vitamin D2 already. My current intake is apparently not sufficient through fortified foods though.

So the solution for the moment looks like sun where I can get it plus vitamins. I've been given a link by bamboo_gnome to Freeda Vitamins for vegan Vitamin D. They have a vitamin D2 . It lists a plant based calcium stearate which is cool because I previously thought calcium stearate wasn't vegan at all. I've ordered some.

The Boy has also suggested we go walking and have picnics in the gardens for the extra sunlights and that sounds rather enticing, so I think he might be onto something there. =)
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Zombie Walk 2008 [Jun. 16th, 2008|12:40 am]
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I went on a zombie walk on Saturday. So much fun!

(This photo by Rebecca Hallas from The Age)

We shuffled through the streets of Melbourne from Carlton Gardens to Crown Casino.

I've got photos up on facebook.
zombie shuffling

and flickr
same zombie shuffling photos, different location

There are also...

More photos from the walk:
Zombie Walk Event on facebook
photos by Brylan
zombie walk group on facebook
Photos from the Age
Melbourne Photos
Melbourne Zombies Flickr Group
Melbourne Zombie Shuffle Flickr Group

The Age
The Age last year (I was the `blood-spattered socialite in a pink dress and hat')

facebook video 1
facebook video 2
facebook video 3
facebook video 4

Zombie Prostitute FTW! I am filled with the class. All. Of. It.

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A judgemental rant about being judgemental (spawned from but not entirely related to WisCon posts) [Jun. 14th, 2008|02:22 am]
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I am constantly bewildered by people. How insecure are we? How angry are we? How easily are we threatened? What makes us care so much about what other people do with or to themselves even when we don't know them?

If someone is fat or thin or builds their body or changes their sex or gets plastic surgery. If someone decides to pierce their body or tattoos themselves or ritually scar themselves or bites their fingernails. If someone smokes or drinks or takes drugs or has a lot of caffeine. If someone dyes their hair or wears bright pink or darkest black or dresses in dresses no matter what their gender. If someone is straight or gay or has multiple partners or decides to be celibate or likes s&m. If someone does something dangerous or risky or just out of the ordinary that might hurt or change themselves physically or emotionally. If someone does something with or to their own self... where is it my right to step in?

If I care about someone, I don't want them to do something to themselves that will hurt them or be bad for them. Sometimes I just don't want people to change. Still we all do so many things that could potentially be bad for us or change who we are. Are we going to let other people decide on our relationships, diets, religions, activities, hairstyles? And who gets to decide which way of being different is right and which is wrong? Does it help to mock any of these behaviours or conditions no matter how voluntary or involuntary they may be? If it's something we don't have a choice over, or if it's something we willingly do with or to ourselves, without harming anyone else, what business is it of anyone else's?

Honestly, I'm not actually sure anymore of where to be concerned and try to help, where to give my opinion, and where to back the hell off. It's all down to a judgement. I think perhaps we're always going to make judgements about other people. It's what we do with those judgements that matter. Mocking and praising can each be destructive. Can we ever just accept people as they are and not how they were, might be or could have been? Right here I'm being judgemental and vexed and it's damn confusing. So what do I do? As much as it confuses me or enrages me or worries me I think I just have to let people be unless they're actually affecting me. And that's a whole new problem. As much as I think someone else's personal actions affect me, I'm sure they affect that person more.

So I should respect other people's decisions? Do I succeed in this? Probably not so much. I laugh at people doing things I think are stupid. I look at people's fashion choices and think Wow, that's pretty damn hideous. I get upset and angry when people hurt themselves and I can't help. I get annoyed or even devestated when people won't see something I think is obvious. I want to protect people and chastise people and teach people and save people and just shake them until they change their minds. And all of these things are pompous and self-righteous and are in some way going to impinge on someone else's freedom to make their own decision for wrong or right.

So all I think I can do is to keep poking myself and try to remember to respect other people's rights to make their own decisions... even if I don't respect those decisions themselves. And when I don't succeed in doing this and I rant and I rail I can only hope you'll forgive me for all of these words that incessantly pour out of my brain. I promise I'll stop some day and listen.

If I care for you then I care for the person you want to be and choose to be.
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I just want you for your brains [Mar. 3rd, 2008|10:04 pm]

Originally uploaded by bunnitos
Photos from the Melbourne Cup Day Zombie Walk back in November are now up on flickr. As per usual most of the peopled shots are locked so you have to friend me on flickr to see them. This one's a freebie because I'm practising being brave and all. Watch me throw caution very gently to the wind like a little wish.
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Friends Only [Aug. 17th, 2007|02:15 am]
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This Journal has really been friends only for a while now. Just thought I should put up a post to that effect. So if you can only see this post, and you want to see more, post a comment here and I'll most likely add you. =)
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